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Dietetic Internship Program
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Hamilton Health Sciences' Dietetic Internship Program

Successful Candidates


Those who accept the Dietitians of Canada match for placement within the HHS Dietetic Internship program will be contacted directly by the Dietetic Education Coordinator. 


By July 1st – those who have accepted our offer of placement must submit:

  1. A sealed undergraduate transcript to verify completion of academic program
  2. Completed immunization form
  3. Documentation for adjustment to the program based on prior learning experiences, if applicable
  4. Verification of professional liability insurance coverage and accident insurance (available through Dietitians of Canada membership)
  5. $3500 registration fee (divided into 2 equal payments due in September and January). Please note that our fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change
  6. Additional VISA and Practical Training student fees apply. Please note that our fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change
  7. Your placement request list

Additional costs:  Dietetic Interns are responsible for fees associated with internship including, but not limited to; living expenses (accommodation, food, etc.), travel and parking expenses, DC membership and insurance (accident, liability, car, etc.), immunizations, police checks, and Canadian VISA or work permit eligibility status (if applicable).

The Hamilton Health Sciences Dietetic Internship program is recognized as an Education Institution by the Employment and Social Development Canada.  We will issue you an annual T220a tax receipt for your registration fees.

For further information, contact:

Dietetic Education Coordinator
Hamilton Health Sciences
Phone:  905-521-2100 x44923
Email:  studentaffairs@hhsc.ca

Updated:  November 2, 2017 - HT/dz

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