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Job Shadowing

... is an observational experiential education opportunity to assist individuals to make better-informed decisions about potential career choices.
HHS endorses job shadowing experiences for educational purposes in order to encourage students and individuals to make better-informed decisions about their prospective career choices.  Job shadowing is strictly observational with no direct patient care activities.  As an observer, you must be partnered with a staff member at all times. 

Job shadowing of physicians is NOT available at HHS.
Hamilton Health Sciences does not accommodate observerships for undergraduate medical students.  Electives for undergraduate medical students and residents are coordinated by McMaster University.

For more information about undergraduate medical electives, please view the website for the Undergrad MD Electives Office at McMaster University.

For more information for resident electives, please view the website for the Postgraduate Medical Education Office at McMaster University. 

Please complete Application for Experiential Education Placement at HHS
                           MS Word     Adobe PDF

Submit your application to:

Office of Student Affairs
Hamilton Health Sciences
Phone: 905-521-2100 x46245
Fax: 905-527-8458
Email: studentaffairs@hhsc.ca

Once your experience has been approved, you will need to complete the Pre-placement Immunization Form.

If a placement can be arranged, you will need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and a Learner Undertaking and Agreement for a Job Shadowing Experience. These will be sent to you once the details of your job shadowing experience have been confirmed.

You must bring government issued photo identification on the day of your job shadowing experience. The job shadowing experience cannot occur unless government issued photo identification is provided.

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